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What For ?

We offer variety of products and solutions to enhance your crop yield and reduce the cost with our innovative technology.

Crop Growth

Use GrowYi products for monitoring and maintaining ideal water parameters to increase crop growth.

Real time Alerts

Receive real-time alerts and view current values using state of the art GrowYi solution.

Integrated Solution

GrowYi offers integrated solution by integrating farm equipment to reduce operational cost.

Predictive Analytics

GrowYi analytics works on your pond water parameters, weather and crop details in providing insights to farmer for better crop growth.

Reduction in Operational Cost

GrowYi controls farm equipment like aerators automatically before risk arises for improved crop Growth.

Feed Management

Use GrowYi solution in reducing the feed wastage and improve FCR ratio.

Our Solutions

GrowYi Aqua Monitor

GrowYi Aqua Monitor continuously monitors vital water parameters and gives real time alerts and actionable insights to farmers. This solution provides immediate alerts to reduce the risks of crop loss and increase revenue.

Key Features

Integrated sensor platform

Real time monitoring of vital parameters like DO, pH, Temperature for taking appropriate actions. Inbuilt GPRS module for two way communication with server.

Auto Alert Generation

Predicts risk and notifies farmer by analyzing water parameters in combination of weather.

Weather proof design

Weather proof design in compliance to IP65 standards. Product withstand rain and standard weather conditions.

Mobile app

Allows to monitor all your pond parameter remotely from your mobile app.

GrowYi Aqua Controller

GrowYi Aqua Controller system controls the operation of farm equipment like aerator & oxygen diffusers automatically using proprietary algorithm. This will help farmers to mitigate critical risks such as low DO levels and improve crop growth.

GrowYi Controller

Key Features

Auto Control

Automatically controls farm equipment like aerator or diffuser to reduce losses and improve yield.

Mobile App

Allows to control equipment remotely from your mobile app

Cloud Connectivity

Inbuilt GPRS for getting remote instructions from server to control farm equipment

Risk prediction

Uses proprietary analytics module which analyzes several critical parameters and predicts the risks. This module automatically acts on them and notifies to user.

GrowYi Aqua Feeder*

GrowYi Aqua Feeder* identifies and delivers right food required at right time. This improves FCR with reduced food wastage and associated costs. Hydrophonic sensor based feeding system with multiple modes of operation like data driven, scheduled and manual.

GrowYi Feeder

Key Features

Auto Control

Automatically dispenses the food as per configuration to improve FCR and reduce operational costs. This also reduces development of toxic materials from wasted food.

Mobile App

Allows to control equipment remotely from your mobile app

Built in analytics

Automates feeding mechanism by automatically analyzing several parameters like water, weather, crop details etc in predicting the required food to be dispensed.

Other solutions

Apart from the above services we also offer few other solutions and products.

GrowYi APP

GrowYi App

It is designed in such way that any user can use without any difficulties. User can configure the ponds which are relevant to his site and also access the data anytime and anywhere.

GrowYi Analytics

GrowYi Analytics

Our uniquely designed analytics will help the farmer to analyze feed consumption and requirement.


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About us

GrowYield is founded in the year 2016. We believe, Aquaculture is an important food-producing sector, and it provides much needed protein, employment, income and livelihood support to many people in the world. Shrimp, in particular, is a high value commodity that is mainly produced in Asia and Latin America, especially targeting for export purpose, and brings a wealth of revenue to many developing countries.

Over the past decade, there have been considerable problems in shrimp aquaculture, in terms of reduced yields and increased costs. We are building GrowYi an Agri-Tech solution that monitors critical crop parameters 24x7 and control them automatically to increase crop yields and reduce costs. We use IoT, Machine Learning and Cloud Computing technologies in delivering intuitive solution to our farming community and join their journey of empowerment.



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